Hello world!

I’ve purchased my first electric guitar in 2010, after seeing ACDC live in concert. Whatever the impact was back then, it has taken me to a journey of trying to understand music and electric guitars. I’ve purchased various second hand guitars over the years, sold a few and in this process I’ve learned how to repair & modify any guitar.

I didn’t play as much as should have, up to the point when I realized that I have to choose: go on the path of building custom guitars and become a luthier, or focus on playing the instrument. I’ve decided to play the instrument, rather than making it. Each video is a step forward, I enjoy sharing this experience:

The green (and winding) road – Am ballad – published on Jun 21, 2019
First full song!

Improvisation over BB King style backing track – published on May 14, 2019

D minor improvisation on guitar – published on Apr 14, 2019

Bm pentatonic improvisation – published on Mar 14, 2019

A Major blues rock improvisation guitar – published on Feb 24, 2019

Am pentatonic blues improvisation – published on Feb 17, 2019