D minor improvisation on guitar

In this video, for the first time, I actually thought about the notes I’m using, the repetition of various patterns and about the “musicality” of the phrase.

It is more difficult this way, but the result is a better sounding “improvisation”.

Scale pattern from: https://bit.ly/2VHdBOk

Ibanez GAX 30 modification

I’ve bought this guitar especially for the mods I wanted to make:

  1. Fret-board scallop
  2. Pick-ups changed with DiMarzio PAF Joe (DP 213) in the neck position and DiMarzio Steve’s Special (DP 161) in the bridge position
  3. Removed the tone pot, replaced the volume pot with a better quality one
  4. Replaced the tuners

I’ve also done fret leveling and crowning & polish + general setup.

Guitar cleanup and Floyd Rose repair

This guitar belongs to a colleague from work. One of the saddles had the fine-tune screw broken inside and I’ve attempted a repair. Unfortunately, the saddle material is soft, the new screw didn’t hold. I’ve also discovered that the pick-up selector is broken.

Unfortunately, this guitar needs a new Floyd and a pick-up selector switch to function, I’ve done all the other things that needed to be done:

  • Guitar clean-up
  • Fretboard clean-up
  • Fret leveling
  • Fret crowning
  • Fret polishing